Dam to Dam 20K Race Re-cap

Dam to Dam 20K. Des Moines, IA June 1, 2013.

Packet Pick-up (May 31, 2013): Vet’s Memorial in Des Moines. No pickup the morning of the race. $7 fee to park in the arena lot, or search for a spot at a meter.  The expo party was not advertised. Free Coors Light and Smirnoff, buffet of food inside (no featured carb). Only one vendor selling gear. Packet pick up was simple, found bib number, proceeded to get bag with bib, then grabbed t-shirt at separate table.

Pre-race: Had to take a bus to the start. Parked downtown in ramp, no cost.

Race start: 7:00 am, Sunny, 60-ish degrees. Saylorville Lake Dam. Line up according to pace. 8,500 runners. Speakers set up for music and announcements. Spacing was off and did not hear the national anthem. Beautiful views from the dam. When crowd moved forward, I assumed it was time to run.

Course: The first 7 miles or so was a snooze fest. I was actually excited for an incline or the “pee-ers” along the course. (Note: 2 porta-potties every few miles is not enough.) These miles were relatively flat and there was nothing to look at, and not many spectators. We were just following a road into Des Moines. I did focus on keeping pace. Water and Powerade stops.

Closer to the city, there were finally signs and spectators, then caught back up with the river and the dam to signify we had ran dam to dam. Finally approached the finish line and was handed a medal and found my husband. The temperature had rose and the humidity was high.

Post Race: This is why I think most people like this race. After snapping a photo with my husband, we hoped in the lines to grab some nachos, kettle corn, Powerade, fruit, water, ice cream, chocolate milk, and beer. There was also a band performing live music. Gun time results were posted immediately. People were milling about every where.

Overall: the cost of the race was favorable $40-ish, the course scenery was slightly boring, the course was relatively flat, could have been more porta-potties on course, (plenty at start) the post race was the place to be. Lots of runners. If you haven’t run it, you should do it, however I probably wont make it a must race every year.Image

Ang finish time – 2:02:15   Josh finish time – 1:39:20



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