Blue Grass Daze 5k

June 7, 2013, Blue Grass, IA, 7:00 pm, 68 degrees, humid, gnats

Pre-race & Packet Pick-up: Small town community race. Hard time getting to the community center, streets closed for kids race before the 5k. Parking on side streets.  Could still register before the run.  Just needed to check in at community center if pre-registered.  No bib numbers. Announcements were taken care of before the start time. No lining up then waiting another 10 minutes to run.  A kid sang the national anthem. There were no instructions about lining up according to pace.

Race course:  Surface was a mix of chip seal, pavement and asphalt. If it had been a warmer day the surface would have been a hot one! The pavement was rough, holes and patches, some chip-seal surfaces were uneven.  Lots of local police, fireman, emt’s at every intersection, very safe course. 3 water stops, but plastic cups.  Small amount of racers, maybe 150-200, not crowded. Super flat course, a few inclines when course switched to small trail section. Decent amount of spectators.

Personal race notes: Started too fast, ran a sub 8 minute first mile, never ran than fast for that long! I paid for it, humidity got to me and pace slowed, also developed a dry mouth / throat problem (need to stop spitting) Legs felt good, so tried to keep pace with a lady in pink, and I smoked her at the finish. Which turns out was the difference in 3rd and 4th in our age group. Also had a great team of support. Thanks to my mom, Tereasa and her mom, my sister and neice, and Josh.

Finish & Post Race: no chip timing, just handed a numbered popsicle stick when you cross the finish. Turn in the stick so the results could be figured. Decent length finishing chute. Baked goods, popsicles and water post race. Racers got a wooden nickel for a post race beer in the community center.  Awards were announced at 8pm in the community center, enough r

oom for runners and spectators to gather.  Event coincides with the town’s summer festival so could join the celebration after the race.

Overall Notes: Easy online registration, only $20 with shirt. Get there early to park. Would run again! However not a bucket list community race.

Angie – 25:56 PR BABY! Josh – 21:40 (lots of racers in his AG)

Setting a PR is hard work!

Setting a PR is hard work!

3 thoughts on “Blue Grass Daze 5k

  1. Nice job on the PR! Just now seeing your new blog for the first time. Will have to follow you.

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