Kalona Days 5k

June 14, 2013, 7pm. 70 ish, HUMID, rain on the way.

Pre-race: Another one of my favorite small town 5k’s, I was able to register prior to the race, and there were still cotton t-shirts available. Only $20 and I had my bib.

Race: No announcements, no anthem, gun shot off and I hit start on the garmin. Course was through town on paved and asphalt surfaces. One water stop, but wasn’t sure if it was just kids being nice and setting one up in their front yard. Asphalt was hot! Course was well marked and super flat! Chip timed from the gun start.

Post Race: Crossed the finish line and were handed a bottle of water and a banana was available. Awards were scheduled 45 mins after the start, even though there were a few walkers still on the course.  A local radio station DJ announced the winners from his dry van as the rain started. Medals to age group winners, overall winners received a trophy.

Personal notes: Placed 3rd in my age group, no PR, but 2nd fastest time. I always pick out the next person ahead of me to pass, however I was gassed by the end and the lady passed me, she was 2 seconds faster and placed 2nd in our age group. The humidity was killer. Josh wasn’t able to run, but he came and saw me cross the finish line, and bought some kettle corn.

Overall: I will always run the race (if I can) because of the price and ease of the course. Parking is never a problem. Also it’s small enough for me to place in my AG. However felt like this year the organization and support wasn’t as “gungho” about the event.

Angie 26:11



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