Bix at 6 training runs

June 20, 2013 – HOT 90 degrees, 6 pm


  1. Lack of information. Told to be there at 6, busted my butt to get there, but could have started at any time, as long as the route was closed.
  2. Parking. Was told to park in QC Times lot, entrance was closed, directed to another entrance that was blocked off.   So was able to find a spot on the street, so still thought I was late. (see lack of information)
  3. No course mile markers. Seems like a lot of runners ran the entire course. I guess most runners have a garmin though.
  4. Course is asphalt, baked in the sun all day and you have hot feet
  5. Still confused about Bix at 6 t-shirts, I really don’t need another shirt, but….


  1. Course is supported. All intersections have a volunteer. (one intersection had a guy who was way into his job, and would stop the runners, guess this is a con)
  2. Water Stops! Not until around the 2 mile mark
  3. Running was a race like atmosphere
  4. Sprinkler at the end
  5. Roads are closed for runners / walkers only.
  6. Dunkin Donuts for on the way home!
  7. Friendly kids handing out / serving water & sports drink at the end, making sure everyone stayed hydrated

Overall: I will probably go back to train the Brady St hill, but would love for someone to go with, or someone to run with. Where are the friendly runners? Or do people not like to chit chat? What am I doing wrong?Image


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