Durant Dusk Hustle 5k

Friday August 9, 7 pm. Durant, IA. 77 degrees, humid, muggy

Pre-Race: Race is part of the Fireman’s Festival. Parking on side streets near the start, may need to walk a few blocks. Registration was still open if you didn’t send in a check prior to the race, no online registration, only $15 with cotton t-shirt.  Packet pick up became more crowded as race time neared. Course map was posted. Lady giving out bibs seemed flustered. The kids race and one mile run were also happening as people milled about, congested.

Course: Chip timed. Flat, paved and asphalt. Only hazards would have been man hole covers lower than road surface and railroad tracks. Luckily no trains passed during the race.  One water only stop at about half way, small dixie cups.  Each intersection had a volunteer or law enforcement official. Not many spectators along the course. Miles were marked with numbered balloons and markings on the pavement. Finish was clearly marked with timing mats, spectators and a clock.

Post race: Popsicles at the finish line, cookies and gatorade on a table near the registration table. Awards given out for age groups and overall. Winners given medals and raffle tickets for prizes in a drawing sponsored by the Fireman.

Overall: Nice flat course, no hassles, easy to navigate. Even though no online registration great cost for a great cause (Durant XC)  However not a bucket list race, nothing extra fancy, just a nice Iowa 5k.

Personal: I switched my training schedule around so this race was part of a 6 mile training run. I ran the course again with Josh (training miles of 16 that day) and Joel. We ran much slower, but were happy the sun was going down.  The race itself was on point with my previous times, but I had to slow down after 2 miles as the heat and humidity were getting to me.

I am also super proud of Tereasa who walked her 2nd race ever, cutting off 5 minutes per mile from her previous race.

Angie (didn’t stop my watch) 26:00 ish



2 thoughts on “Durant Dusk Hustle 5k

  1. Thanks for rocking out those #RunChat tattoos!

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