Guest blog – Madison Mini 5k

My friend Tereasa ran the Madison Mini 5k, here is her race recap: The 5k started at the finish line for both the 5k and Mini. We immediately headed towards the dirt trail that runs along Lake Mendota. There was a brief bottle neck less than 5 minutes after the start as the course veered behind a building which had an odd overhang. Participants seemed to be patient and the area cleared with in 20-30 seconds. As I rounded the building there was an elderly couple who had seemingly been walking the trail completely unaware a 5k was headed their way. They stood off to the side seemingly waiting for unending the stream of runners/walkers to pass. The trail opened up nicely and it was beautiful being next to the lake. The first water station came about a mile in...several volunteers stood ready on both sides of the trail which was now cement. As they passed water they were encouraging and full of smiles. The course then made a turn off the lake trail back onto the UW campus. There was a live band just starting to play and we approached the second water station. Again there were many volunteers on both sides with kind words and smiles, this was approximately mile 2, at this station there was also cups of gatorade available. To this point of the 5k course the Mini participants would be running towards the end of their 13.1. The course than turned on to Observatory Drive...a street the Mini runner would not visit and they should be thankful for. đŸ™‚ Turning onto this street to tackle the final mile we were going directly into the sun, much of this stretch you could have some shade by staying near the curb. As I looked ahead I could see the something...oh no ...a hill. I prepared myself mentally to attack as I my legs knew they were nearing the finish. A steady incline as I approached the top I began to look forward to the downhill. But alas it was small and there ahead of me was an even steeper incline and finally I saw spectators, though they appeared to have cheered on their family or friend with signs and a cowbell they continued to encourage those still coming. The course leveled out briefly and finally like a glowing star was the downhill.....ahhhhh......glory. Not only was this a graded downhill it also was a 2 ess curve which it felt you did not remain in control one could easily splat. As you came to the bottom of the hill you quickly rounded a corner which led you directly into the finish line. There you were met by music, the UW cheerleaders and Bucky (no high five by this Hawkeye and the race mascot. Upon crossing the finish you received a medal placed on by a volunteer, with water and bananas quickly next. From the finish line area the que continued with more water, milk, gatorade, 2 types of popcorn and granola bars. Plenty of options but sadly no favorite! Next is was photo options in oversized patio chairs or Madison mini backdrop. The area then opened to the lake...absolutely beautiful setting. This being only my 3rd race event I would definitely return. Registration was reasonably priced at $25, loads of volunteers to ensure who got where and what you needed and many, many, many kind people and words of encouragement. Kudos Madison Mini 5k!!!!



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