I haven’t forgot that I was selected to be a Blue Ridge Marathon official blogger.  I am reminded of this race every time I open my laptop bag and see the course map I still have filed there.

This official title gives me the opportunity to give one lucky blog reader entrance into to the Marathon.  So be looking to enter my contest and learn more about the marathon.

In the mean time you should pick out a training schedule, buy some new compression socks, check out some new shoes and look for a place to stay in Roanoke, VA.  The race will take place on April 26th, 2014.

I loved this race, I can’t wait to go back & run this again. That bloody mary on top of Peakwood sounds great!  (Yes there are spectators serving drinks)

If you can’t wait to enter the contest you can always sign up here



7 thoughts on “#Runblueridge

  1. You know I love it!!! On several of my recent training runs on hills, while preparing for the Asheville Marathon, I’ve had thoughts like, “how the hell did I run and finish the Blue Ridge Marathon”, or “I can’t believe I’m signed up again”, or “this isn’t as bad as Pukewood”. Game on Angie! Let’s recruit!

  2. So any hotel recommendations? Are we all going to try to stay together? See you in Roanoke!

  3. I should’ve stayed away from this so I didn’t have to see Paul’s comment. 😉 Gives this rush of fear/craziness/excitement/panic all at the same time.

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