and the Winner is….

If you have been playing along at home, you know I had the opportunity to give away an entry into the Blue Ridge Marathon, well I have a winner, Meet Desi:

Hey I’m Desi, I’m 26 and originally from Michigan but now live in Virginia

How did you hear about the contest? Another Twitter I follow had entered

What is your running background, will this be your first marathon? I think I am going to stick to the half because of the terrain. I started running about a year ago and am training for my first half on October 5, the Rock n Roll half in Cleveland. After that I’m doing the Richmond 8k, Real Girls Run half in Crozet, VA, then Tink half on my birthday!

What interested you about the Blue Ridge Marathon? I like a challenge and running really makes me feel like I can do anything because for sooooo many years I was NOT a runner. I live farther up in the Blue Ridge, but tend to stay away from the big elevation changes, so entering this will force me to conquer them.

How do you plan to train? Tackle some of the hills and trails I tend to avoid around my neighborhood

Do you have any words of wisdom, or a go to mantra? Whenever I get down about how slow I sometimes go, I just think of that cliche “no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.” It’s cheesy and so many people get worked up about times and PRs but every mile is a victory for me, so I just try to celebrate that!

You can encourage Desi and follow her training journey on her blog at or on twitter @anortherngirls. Or join us both at the 2014 Blue Ridge Marathon



2 thoughts on “and the Winner is….

  1. Thanks for featuring me and picking me to win! I can’t wait!

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