Brett Greenwood Foundation 3 for 30

Brett Greenwood Foundation 3 for 30

Sunday September 15th, 2013. 9 am, Cloudy 55 degrees, rain! Bettendorf, Iowa, Crow Creek Park.

Pre-race: Registration was available online for around $30 and at packet pickup which was held the day before and just prior to the race.  Proceeds went to help support brain injury awareness. Included with registration was a tech tee, no advertisements on the back and a chip for timing.

Race: 3 mile race. The race started on time after some brief announcements and thank yous.  Entire race was ran on the high school cross country course, which was grass, mud, and some gravel trail. The rain made for some slippery and muddy spots.  Lots of hills, 3 of the more steep ones had names “Incinerator” “Exterminator” & “Exasperator,” which all lived up to their names, steep & muddy. No mile markers. There were volunteers at each of the intersections. At least 2 water stops along the course.

Post Race: Finish was marked with timing mats and a clock. There were bottles of water and cookies, bagels, and bananas in a pavilion.  Overall winners were announced over loud speaker. The finishing “chute” was set up so you could cheer everyone on as they finished.

Overall: This is how a benefit / fundraiser race should be organized. This race was more about the foundation, than the overall winners. However with that being said, as a runner I still felt this race had great support and I would definitely run it again.  It made me feel proud to be a runner and a Hawkeye.

Personal: I am still training for my marathon, so what better way to get in the miles than to help out a Hawkeye. I was also able to run with a group of my friends once again.  I didn’t run my best time, but I ran my best race. I also enjoyed the difficulty of a trail, cross country course. Hope to see more of you next year!

Angie 28:00 All results



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