BQ by 80

Recently on the #runchat facebook page this question was asked: “Did you get into Boston?”

Now if you are not a runner you may be thinking, do I need a passport to get in? Are the streets closed? Did the Red Sox shave their beards and the hair clogged all the drains? no no no…  The Boston Marathon silly…unless you pony up some serious cash to run for a charity you have to qualify to gain entrance.  Now you are thinking, you have to run more marathons just to get in?  Runners are crazy!

For me I one day hope to get into Boston, I always say by the time I am 80. The qualifying times are “wicked” fast. The older you get though, the times become more realistic.

I am happy and excited, and will be cheering for everyone who made it, but it’s just not in my cards, yet.

I love running for fun, I like posing for the photos, and I like slapping high fives. I also like to run all the races, every where, from 5k to 26.2 which makes for tired legs. These things will not get me a BQ, so for the mean time, I will cheer for those who did get in, send a virtual high five…and continued to take my silly race course photos.



One thought on “BQ by 80

  1. I’d saying having a good time makes it worth it anyday 🙂 A BQ is never in my future, but I’ll always love running 🙂

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