Compression Socks

A few years back I suffered from a bad case of shin splints, caused by a poor fitting running shoe, and to this day I have tendonitis that flares up.  However I came across compression socks which I wear religiously to prevent another problem in the future.

My favorite company is Pro Compression. They make fun colors and patterns, always have a great discount code, free shipping and an excellent customer service department. They are easy to size and even though they provide the correct amount of compression, they are easy to get on and off.

After purchasing 10 pairs of socks, I finally had a problem.


I recently purchased the sock of the month, the Chevron design. They are white with the black chevron design, the logo has some red in it. This sock has the added design stitched around the calf.  My calves are um, too muscular, yeah we will go with that…for this sock and the design placement.  I contacted Pro Compression and they have been more than helpful, they sent me a second pair as it could have been a flaw in that pair, well the second pair came and my legs looked like a stuffed sausage.

So this is where you the reader come in…. I have 2 pairs to give away to you.  I have one pair that is brand new, it was created as a pair as I tried on one sock from each shipment I received. So the second pair is made from a sock I have tried on.  These are S/M in size and my calf measures just over 16″. (I’m a beast!)


UPDATE: Only one pair left, the pair I tried on, who wants em?


Just contact me and let me know how I can get them to you. If you feel inclined to cover the shipping that would be great. Also I have 2 dogs, if you have an allergy.

Also if you are wondering, I will buy more Pro Compression socks, because they are too kind to me, offering a refund and allowing me to give these away. I am currently waiting for the next “sock of the month.”


4 thoughts on “Compression Socks

  1. Still have those socks?!

  2. Where do you find that compression socks are most helpful? Are you using them for recovery?

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