Running in MPLS

It’s fall, not only does that mean great running weather, but it’s Hawkeye football season.  This past weekend the Hawks traveled to Minneapolis to clobber the Gophers and keep the Floyd of Rosedale trophy.

Josh and I were fortunate enough to attend the game and visit the big city. With this comes the opportunity to run around Lake Calhoun, one of my favorite places to hit the pavement.

There is an asphalt path around the entire lake just for pedestrians.  Bikes are allowed to ride on an adjacent path.

The views are amazing, a lake in the city, small sail boats, the skyline.

The people! It always seems like everyone is out on their morning run or walk.  The dogs and kids are out too.  You might also see a roller-blader or a cross country ski type activity.  Very motivational to see so many active people. They are also very friendly, everyone just co-exists, passing without problems. They even offer to help you if you stop.

There are also porta-potties along the lake, wahoo. “Don’t pants my poop!”

When you are done running around Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles is just across the bridge, you can just keep running.

If you ever find yourself in MPLS, hit up Lake Calhoun, and for you swimmers there are beaches!



2 thoughts on “Running in MPLS

  1. You had me at Hawkeyes! I grew up being one and now my parents are avid ISU fans – What the heck?! Not too many tiger hawks over here in North Carolina either! Go Hawks! It’s always nice to check out another location for running – glad you had a good one!!

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