Injuries and running

I have debated whether I should write this post, but as part of my running journey I decided to do it, mostly so I can look back and remember how I survived, lol.

I wrote about having some injuries in my last race recap. I developed a pain on the backside of my leg, behind the knee, in my right leg. That same foot decided to flare up with plantar faciitis. Also at the same time the collapsing arch problem I have in my left foot (which makes a bone stick out in the arch and rub on my shoe) decided to rear it’s ugly head.

So what does anyone do when they have a problem, well first whine about it, cuz that really helps. Then you turn to google, or as I like to refer to it “Dr. Google” 

With my preliminary research I came to the conclusion that I should get a new arch support; roll, tape, stretch, ice my PF and see a professional about the pain behind my knee, which I believe has something to do with the popliteus muscle.

So I called the Sports Med Clinic hoping to get in with a PT.  I am not able to get an appointment for a week and a half. Sigh…so what am I supposed to do in the mean time? Dr. Google has little information on what I think is the actual problem.  The receptionist at the clinic recommend I call my general physician, I don’t really have one and the OBGYN doesn’t count. Plus the last time I went to the regular doc for a pain I left with prescription strength Naproxen and no answers.

Then a light bulb went off, why not my chiro?  I’m lucky as my chiro is right next door to work and he is very flexible with appointments.  I got right in and he did some bending of my knee to realign all the ligaments, tendons, & muscles.  I left with hope.

My husband works in an environment where he has access to some athletic trainers.  I really don’t like to bother them, but he did talk to one of them which basically said ice and stretch, possibly tendonitis. (ahhh I can run with that I’m thinking as I have that as a remnant of shin splints, years ago)

I have taken the week off from any activity as I am not sure which activities could help or hurt the injury. Today, the pain is still there behind my knee, but is tolerable. My PF is under control and the pain in my arch is gone.

I started the week off a little sad, no running, no activity, what was I going to do? I will probably gain 20 pounds.  However the main thing I have learned is that this was my body telling me to take a break!  I have been running a lot lately and a lot of races.  I have also learned to quit the bitching and try to focus on the positive.

Well this was wordy and poorly written, as I was not an english major.  However have you ever been frustrated with an injury? How did you cope?


4 thoughts on “Injuries and running

  1. Little known secret — I was injured 6 months into when we started #runchat. I wanted to run and hide and not talk about it. Turns out the best thing to do WAS talk about it. I found a small circle of friends going through the same thing, and we all came out of it stronger, faster, smarter and, to this day, injury free.

    • Thanks, I love the running community and #runchat. I guess at first I was just so mad and whiny, I didn’t need to share much of that, but on to getting better and dreaming about the next run.

  2. Hang in there Angie!! During my last long run leading up to the Des Moines half I had something happen to my ankle. No explanation just 7.5 miles into my 12 miles it started hurting – I of course couldn’t stop I still had 4.5 miles to get back to the car so I ran on in pain. I knew it was a different hurt than just normal aches and pains and just 2 weeks out from the half!! I think in the 2 weeks leading up to the half i only ran once maybe twice. I got to the start line feeling somewhat okay – so off I went. Three miles in it hurt, I think the ankle pain caused me to alter my stride which then just left both knees sore on top of it. I of course couldn’t stop – so I powered through!! After the half I took the entire week off – I just ran again Saturday for the first time and felt pretty good and then I just braved 4 miles today and it’s not too bad! Such a wordy response huh, but the moral of my story is hang in there it sucks I knew right where you are – it depressed me a bit and the natural response to being depressed is eat!! Bad deal!! I’m starting to snap out of it!! 🙂

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