If you have been playing along at home you know I have been suffering from some injuries. I finally was able to get into a Sports Medicine Doctor and a Physical Therapist.

Arch problem: get new inserts

Plantar Faciitis: continue stretches and ball rolling. Also got a fancy night splint.

Random pain on back side of leg behind knee:

Doctor diagnosis: says swollen, no running for a week and given prescription NSAID. Can proceed with bike, elliptical, swim. Given OK for Sunday’s Race. No clear definition of problem, took X-rays with no visible problems.  Injury due to over use and I was shamed for being the typical runner who doesn’t do strength training. Continue doing what Dr. Google prescribed, ice, stretch, rest, etc

PT: He did pinpoint it to the popliteus muscle & gave a list of exercises to do, doesn’t agree with no running. Said to take it easy, encouraged other activities, but running short distances isn’t counted out. He said I was doing things right with my RICE, and he even recommended looking at “Dr. Youtube” for running in the pool. He was more optimistic about keeping with the running. Also suggested ultra sound, which I have started with my chiro.

So do I have an answer? I don’t know. I do feel better that I have an ok to do other activities. I have learned an important lesson for me, don’t over train and rest is important, even if you body feels good.

6 thoughts on “Answers?

  1. It’s imperative to strengthen the supporting muscles in the legs and surrounding area. glutes and core are so important.

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