Week 2, logging miles and taking names

If you are playing along at home you are familiar with the 100 mile “throw down” for the month of November.  Another week has passed and almost another 1000 miles were logged.  Congrats to those who keep moving and motivating.

For the week 2 prize of head bands, participants had to log either a speed work session or their weight training. There were a lot of active people, but there could only be one winner. This week we congratulate Carrie, she logged mile repeats and 400’s.

The month is already halfway over, so for week 3 let’s step up our game. To be eligible to win the weekly prize just log your speed work and/or weight training. Also if you log more than one weight training session, it counts as another prize entry. Get out there, run some miles, then drop and give me 20, lol!

Did someone say prize?!?! This week you could win entry into a virtual 5k. It’s not any 5k, it’s the Sub 30 Club Virtual 5k, complete with your very own “Suck it up Princess” t-shirt. It also benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. If you are not familiar with a virtual 5k, it’s a simple concept, you register to race but on your own time (in the time frame stated for the race) Here is the link for the race, this one is to be run over Thanksgiving, so you could double dip with your Turkey Trot. You can also register now.

As always if you have questions, concerns or pictures as you log your 100 miles, feel free to ask.


2 thoughts on “Week 2, logging miles and taking names

  1. I’m one of the race organizers, if you have any questions just let me know. going to be a great event! we have lots of swag we will be giving away after the event.

  2. i see we went over 2000 last night. great work everyone!

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