Week 3 Summary, Give thanks for week 4

Another week has passed and the 100 miles for November group is right on pace for another 1000 miles this week. Congrats to those who have already hit their 100 mile goal.

Week 3 had a great cross training turnout as well. As the weather starts to cool, cross training is another way to stay active.  Those who logged their workouts were eligible for the Sub 30 club virtual 5k. This week’s winner is @ozzwald53  WAHOO!!! I will contact you to get your information, and get you signed up for this race. For those who are still interested there is time to sign up, or maybe you would rather run this virtual 5k. Sorry, full of promos today.

For the last week of our challenge, let’s do something different. I know a lot of you are part of the “I run for” group, so this week maybe you can help. This week is about giving thanks, I want to challenge everyone to donate their miles for a charity, organization, or special person.

Please comment below if you can share places to donate your miles. Here are the 2 ideas I am familiar with: “I run for” facebook group and charity miles. Or maybe just donate the week in your column on the spread sheet, or on the tab on the bottom.

Also I have some Accel gels and Body Glove Surge products left if anyone wants to try a sample send me a message. You can always buy head bands too, lol

Good work group, thanks for keeping me motivated, and if you have thoughts about how to stay inspired in December, let me know.

One thought on “Week 3 Summary, Give thanks for week 4

  1. Thanks for the entry to the Sub 30 Virtual 5K! Nice incentive to finish the 100 mile month. My first!!! I’m almost there. @ozzwald 53

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