I’m Back, Running Cures All!

Ok so you are asking yourself, where did she go?  Well I didn’t go anywhere, I am just back on track with my training. Definitely a reason to celebrate. Take the running away from a runner and you have a basket case on your hands.

I had an injury, I finally got into see a Doctor, I also saw a PT and Chiropractor.  I did the exercises and took a slight break.  However it seems the cure is running

I have PF, which I think caused me to walk funny to protect the arch of my foot. I think the way I was walking caused the weird muscle pull thing that happened in the back of my leg behind the knee (popliteus muscle).  Running is the only thing where I revert back to my natural gait, making my foot and leg work normal again.  Running cured my problem!

Ok, so maybe the rest and exercises were really part of the fix, but I am back to my Dopey training plan, which had me complete 41 miles last week. The pesky PF is still there, but the annoying pain on the backside of my leg behind my knee is minimal, and my leg doesn’t feel dead or tired anymore.

In all seriousness, if you are injured see a doctor, I don’t really think running cures all. I just like to think it does.

Have a great Holiday.




3 thoughts on “I’m Back, Running Cures All!

  1. Congrats on being back! I am just about to start Glass Slipper training and have been resting because of an injury. I hope I have the same back to running success as you do!

  2. Glad you’re back to training!

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