It’s Cold Outside?

I live on twitter, and in my #runchat community it seems everyone is all a flutter about the cold weather or cooler temps. I am here to say, it’s not warming up anytime soon, so get out there and have fun. (or hide inside at the gym)

My cold weather running tips:

  • Layers!!!! I insist on the moist maker layer (yes this is a Friends reference) I believe in a layer that will wick away the sweat from the body. You then need to top that layer with another lighter layer and then your final outer layer.
  • When you return, get those sweaty clothes off immediately! Then hop in for a warm shower. If you raced, bring a change of clothes
  • It takes a while, but on a longer run you will warm up.
  • Cover as much skin as you can, wind burn is no fun
  • If you didn’t win the battle with the wind, invest in some face cream or lotion and a good lip balm.
  • You are more likely to have a black toenail than black frost bitten toes (ok, I have no scientific proof)
  • Invest in quality winter running gear, you will use it! (Running tights, hats, face mask, gloves, etc)
  • If it’s too cold, don’t be stupid, take the run indoors.
  • Coincidentally the holiday season happens as the weather turns cold, who says ugly sweaters are for races only, it’s a perfect top layer.
  • If you live in a region where the low is 50 degrees, I don’t want to hear any complaining, just send me a plane ticket.
  • If going on a long run and you need a fuel belt, put a sports drink in your water, I think it takes longer to freeze.
  • Plan a route with a warm up stop. (hot toddies count)

Ok, enjoy the winter, stay warm, run far


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