Legend of the Fall XC trail race

November 28, 2013, Regina High School / Hickory Hill Park, Iowa City, IA. Sunny 20 degrees, 8:00 AM, estimated 4 miler

Pre Race / Packet Pick up: Parking was available at the high school, but first come, first serve. Registration was accessible online, by submitting a form, or registering at packet pickup. Packet pick up was held in the cafeteria, organized by last name. Long sleeve cotton t-shirt, bibs and chips were included with entry. Bathrooms available in the school.

Race & Course: Race starts on the track after some brief announcements about the “Legend” Bob Brown, for which the race is named. He was the former track and XC coach for Regina high school who lost a battle with pancreatic cancer, he always preached “nothing but your best.” After that, the race was off, a 300 yard trip around the track, and off into the Hickory Hill Park woods. The terrain was tough, wash out, tree roots, steep inclines: trail! No water stops, no mile markers. Course marked with small yellow flags. Difficult to pass. There was one short cut through a frozen creek, but it wasn’t easy to find. Finish was back on the track, after another partial loop, was marked with a timer and a chute where chips were removed.  The finish was crowded and a little close to the runners coming into the track, had to be careful and stay out of their way.

Post Race: Lots of baked goods available in the cafeteria; bars, cookies, breads, etc. There was even HOT Gatorade. Before awards were given and in lieu of a random prize drawing, t-shirts were thrown to the crowd. The age group winners were awarded pie.

Overall: This is a race held on Thanksgiving, when the traditional turkey trot is held, this is not your ‘walk in the park’ trot, this is a great physical challenge where you earn your Thanksgiving meal. I will always try to run this race if it fits into my schedule.

Personal: This race was part of my (& Josh’s) training for the Dopey Challenge. We were to run 5 miles as part of the plan, so because we are Dopey, we ran to the race (1.8 miles) and then the race (3.67 miles) and then back home, over 7 miles for the day. We forgot about getting t-shirts, so ran back with those, I guess luckily we didn’t win a pie, as running with a pie could have been difficult.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving

Angie 37:02 Josh 32:14

Editor’s note: there are no links as the race registration info link is down, and I can’t find anything online. If anyone knows where the results are please let me know.



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