New Month, New Challenge

Thanks to everyone for participating in the 100 miles for November Challenge.  Whether you hit the 100 mile goal or fell short the important part was you were active and kept moving.

In total there were almost 3500 miles logged, that is awesome! Always amazing what runners can do when put to task.

In conclusion I might have fallen off the wagon with the encouragement and prizes this last week. We all get busy so I hope you understand. With that being said it’s December and by popular request a new challenge is upon us.

December is one of the craziest months. So this challenge will be a little different. You name your goal. There will be 4 sheets, mileage, situps, pushups, and squats. Just enter your goal on the top line above your name on each page. Here is the link.

There will be no prizes this month, just take pride in accomplishing your goal. (Unless something comes along)

A little housekeeping on the spread sheets. If you want interaction and/or encouragement please enter email and/or twitter handles so we know how to get a hold of you. Otherwise just enter your name or however you want to be known on the top.  I will use my blog as a main information hub. As always you can send me an email or find me on twitter @angiemaskeberka.  Unless someone else comes up with a better “#” how about we go for #DecGoal or something.

If you have problems with the spread sheet, it is a google document, I can try to help best I can. Or if you have suggestions, comments, concerns please reply below or contact me.

Get out there and get moving!


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