Green Monday

I apparently live under a rock, I have no clue what green Monday is, I am just getting the hang of small business Saturday and cyber Monday. Anyway I will title this post with that, and update you on the happenings in my running life.

The #decgoal challenge is well underway. I will have no problem hitting the mileage goal I set for myself, but getting the pushups, squats and situps in are proving to be harder than I thought. I am determined, hope you all are too. You can also still join!

Injury update: so all the ailments that had me down and out last month have subsided, well except for the occasional PF flare up.  Then I go and hit the “funny bone” area near the knee cap, I think nothing of it at the time. Then days later it still hurts to bend and it’s swollen. With a little help from Dr. Google, looks like I hit a nerve in that area…so I am still limping around, if anyone has experience with this rare problem, let me know.

BAMF! Yes, it does stand for Bad Ass Mother Eff—. That is how I am describing my current state of training. I hit the streets for single digit temps and negative wind chills one day. Then I hit the treadmill for my 19 mile long run.  I am feeling confident with what I can do, even if it’s not fast.

Volunteering: Instead of my natural instinct to run all the races, I decided to volunteer for a 5k.  I was part of the food table team. My group of volunteers were given some direction and then left to set it up ourselves. Met some great people. Always nice to give back. It was also nice to be inside on a cold day and cheer Laura on from there.


Hope the holiday season doesn’t have you too frazzled, stay warm out there!


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