A December to not remember

There was the the Name Your Goal Challenge for December.  Well December happened and I did not meet all my goals.  Since I am training for the Dopey Challenge I had no problem getting in my miles, but that is all that was accomplished.

I let myself down, I let the group down as well. I am excited for those who stuck to their goals, but sorry I was not more on the ball with encouragement or blog posts.

So as the new year continues, I am taking one day at a time, and hopefully will incorporate some strength training into my routine.

Happy New year and thanks for participating.


3 thoughts on “A December to not remember

  1. I love the title to the post but you are not a lone. I wanted to do well with December but it just didn’t happen! Good luck with Dopey!

  2. December is a very busy month. Things happen. I continue you to find what you do to be very inspiring and motivating. Keep up the great work!

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