WDW Marathon Cool Down Party

Downtown Disney, January 12, 2014, 4-8pm

Downtown Disney is an area with shops and restaurants. Open to the public, do not need to pay park admission for entrance.

Parking available on site, however lot was under construction and was very limited. Also could take a shuttle bus.

Restaurants and shops had some race specials, but all were not honored. However we played spin the wheel to win something.

Run Disney merchandise was available for purchase, hidden behind the House of Blues. We discovered that close to when they were going to shut down they offered a 35% discount. Dopey merchandise was limited.

Downtown Disney was under construction so things seemed spread out. There was no central location for the Run Disney events. Which didn’t make walking all over the place fun for those of us who ran Dopey.  In fact there really wasn’t an official party, just a logical place for participants to gather, post race. Disney didn’t have to provide food or entertainment, it was already there. The better post race atmosphere for a runner was immediately after the race.



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