The Gym

Here in Iowa we have had many days with below zero temps and crazy wind chills. I don’t mind running in the cold, but 10-15 degrees is where I draw the line. I have moved my training to the gym…oh the gym…sigh.

Side note – I am a member of the University of Iowa Campus and Wellness Center. It’s mostly for the students.


  • It’s warm
  • easy to focus on speed work and maintain a pace
  • I don’t have to maintain any machine
  • access to lots of different types of machines
  • don’t have to worry about charging my garmin
  • Indoor track
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe


  • Parking- no gym parking lot, all on street meter parking. Only parking available is to UI employees with parking passes. It is a student centered gym and they can walk, but there are non student members.
  • People wear their outside shoes on the machines – lots of dirt, sand, & grime under the treadmill belts. CHANGE YOUR SHOES!
  • There are no available machines or cubbies at peak times, nothing is cleaned at peak times
  • So many confused people & no help
  • Indoor track – walkers are all over the place, people walking wrong direction, people cut you off
  • The machines do not get wiped off after use – gross!
  • Re-rack your weights
  • Personal gym issues – cotton shirts (do yourself a favor & try technical materials), t-shirts with arm holes cut to the waist (that is not a shirt), people on their phones, loud phone conversations, BO / strong perfume or cologne.

I am appreciative to not have to run outside in the super cold, but lets treat the gym like you would treat your own belongings. A little respect for others and property go a long way.


6 thoughts on “The Gym

  1. I love the personal gym issues part! I never thought about changing shoes when going to the gym, I mean I do, only because I have my current running shoes as compared to my non current running shoes I wear. I only have a treadmilll at work, so I work with what I got, these chilly temps are killing my mojo this year!

  2. I cannot agree more! I NEVER wear my yucky shoes on the machine and one time I had a person walking on a treadmill next to me blaring music from their iPhone speaker with no headphones. I like to focus on my breathing and try to tune music/beats out (they make me lose focus and run different to faster beats) but couldn’t get her music out of my head!

    It’s called etiquette! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m getting flashbacks of living in Iowa and marathon training on a 1/10th mile track at the gym – anything to avoid the dreadmill. People can be so….. you know, rude. I would try and send you some warmer air from North Carolina but it’s icy and snowy here now! Crazy!!!

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