Inspired by 34

The time came to celebrate another birthday (I’m only 29…ok plus 5). Family and friends have asked me what I would like for a gift, and as I get older I do not have an answer.  I do like receiving gifts, who doesn’t…but usually if I want or need something I purchase it myself.  So this year I am going to encourage everyone to do something different.

I hang out on social media a lot, *GASP* I know you are all shocked! I have come across a lot of great people. Whether they know it or not, I am inspired by those paying it forward, going the extra mile or doing the right thing.  These random acts of kindness have inspired me to ask you to do “34”

Ok I am not crazy. If I were, I would be running 34 miles to celebrate, but I can not do that, so I have other ways to do “34”

  • take 34 minutes for yourself – nap, tv, paint your nails, coffee, go for a walk/run,etc
  • do 34 reps of exercise – sit ups, push ups, bicep curls, jumping jacks, run 3.4 miles
  • Donate  – $34, 34 pieces of clothing to goodwill, 34 cans to the pantry, 34 bones to the animal shelter, 34 minutes of your time
  • Create – bake, sew, craft 34 of something to share with others

I have thought about what I am going to do, I have decided that I will do 34 acts.  They will be a combination of things. Check back often to see what has been added to my list. I also don’t have an end time to full fill this list, hopefully I accomplish more.

My list of “34”

  1. donated an old pair of running shoes
  2. shoveled out a fire hydrant on a neighboring street
  3. participating in a garage sale to sell my head bands, (half of money goes to my friends for their ILFA fundraising for the UHC children’s hospital.
  4. Add the Johnson & Johnson app to donate a photo for charities (thanks Paula)
  5. On my way through downtown, I added change to expired parking meters
  6. Been getting in sets of 34 situps
  7. I am now the Iowa City chapter coordinator for Medals4Mettle
  8. I picked up a check card on a run, came hoe and reported it. Honesty is the best policy

What will you be doing? Have any ideas?

Editor’s Note: I was on the fence about publishing this, but I was inspired after my sister sent my 34 birthday cards. Each one was addressed to someone different: “Old Lady” “Josh’s Old Wife” “Aunt Angie” “Epic Runner” etc. The cards were for all holidays too, I received greetings from pets, the pilgrams, the Easter Turtle, my niece, a secret admirer, etc. This brought a huge smile to my face when I opened the mail box to see the giant stack of cards.


3 thoughts on “Inspired by 34

  1. I love this!! I am keeping this idea for my 35th birthday coming up, what a great way to celebrate! I will have to come back and post what I am going to do but I will participate 🙂

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