Shamrock Shuffle 3.17k

Saturday March 15, 2014. College Green Park, Iowa City, IA. 25 degrees, cloudy. 3.17k (2 mile) 8:00 am

Registration: This was available online & day of race at packet pick up. Approx $25, could purchase $10 post race brunch at local bar. Included in fee, Nike short sleeve tech tee, bib and timing chip.

Packet pickup: Parking on side streets around park. Before race 6:30-7:45. Tables set up in park, small line at height of pick up. Could also purchase pint glasses.

Pre-race: Port-a-potties available. Some announcements & course directions made via bull horn, but couldn’t hear very well.

Race/Course: On paved/asphalt city streets, lots of pot holes (due to time of year). Each corner had a volunteer or officer, which were very encouraging. No water stops. Marked with cones as streets were all still open. Finish marked with clock and timing mats, volunteers removed chips from shoes.

Post race: bananas, bagels, something from Dunkin Donuts, water, gatorade & chocolate milk. Awards were hand to overall & age group winners. After awards a raffle was held for t-shirts, gift cards, socks, etc. Also could try on a pair of Newton shoes as waited for awards and were given free socks.

Overall: Nice race, no major problems, tough distance as it’s a sprint the entire time.

4th in my AG, 16:04 chip time.  official results


Personal: This could get long & depressing….

I ran this race alone, which I don’t mind.  It was also a day in which I needed a 10 mile training run, I shifted my miles around so I could run 8. I ran 6.36 miles before the race. I felt great & thought I had a speedy 2 miler after 6. Also chatted with the RD of the upcoming Red Shoe Half Marathon.

After I finished the race, & something I try to do, I went near the last corner and cheered on the finishers. Even talked with a nice man who is part of the Corridor Running Club. Ah the club, it’s the reason I ran this race. I just joined, thought it would be perfect to run in my town. I really would like to fit in with my local running community. Otherwise I probably would have picked a longer distance race for the weekend.

Ok, when it seemed like everyone had finished (but I guess they hadn’t) I walked over to the food. After a 2 mile race I was surprised at the amount of food available. I just wanted a banana as I had 8 miles done & needed something, but I knew I was going to the brunch.  When I got to the food, there was no attendant, & no more bananas left out of the box, only a few bagels. Wasn’t sure if it were my place to dig into the unopened boxes & stage the food. (pet peeve never anything left for the finishers who spent a longer time on the course) It was really no big deal, but something they could improve next time.

The awards were over, and it was time to walk to the after party at the Irish bar, I must have missed the part when I signed up that it was an Irish brunch, I was ready for some bacon. Oh well, I would give corned beef & cabbage a’s not for me, I burped corned beef all afternoon. Since it was prepaid & I’m not a huge drinker or fan of Guiness,  & I only had $4 on me (I could get water or soda for free with the brunch) I chose coffee and sat alone at my own table.

This is where it’s depressing…I’m shy, I’m different…but I don’t bite… I also knew a few people, but it’s like I didn’t belong, everyone was already with their friends and it was a younger crowd. I had a bad day. Sometimes when I speak I feel people think I’m stupid. I really thought I was happy being where I am, who I am. (brings back stupid HS memories of being bullied, it’s getting deep!) I decided that I am not going to try as hard to fit in with the running community here. I am around if someone needs something, but I’m done trying to fit in where I don’t belong.

With all that being said…I did like the actual race, maybe it’s just me.

I really love my twitter running community #runchat. I guess that makes me the creepy loner who hides behind a computer screen. 

Ok I waited a day to write this…guess I will publish it


5 thoughts on “Shamrock Shuffle 3.17k

  1. You are not alone. I feel the same way with my running community and people in general. I’ve never really felt like I fit in, since I moved in high school til I moved last summer. Maybe we should give each other a few goals… meet one person this month! Talk to two people this week! I totally hear you….(as I sit behind my computer)

  2. You are very brave to join a running club, I am sure there are many here in Baltimore, but I always feel like I am too slow to join them. I stick with my peeps who I know are faster then me, still but I run with them anyway. Its always hard to meet and talk to new people especially if they are already in groups with people they know. I love my twitter peeps too!

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