Safety First

What comes to mind when you think of running safety?

My checklist includes the following:

  • bright colored clothes
  • RoadID
  • cell phone
  • lights / reflective gear
  • tell someone my route and/or I’m going for a run
  • hydration / food on a long run

Today I added two new items, have a contact if you need a ride, or carry money to call a cab.

That’s right I couldn’t compromise my run any longer, I had to call for a ride. I was 6 miles into my 12 mile run. (10 mile tempo) I was 6 miles from home, in pain. That’s a long way if you are on foot.

The run started out great, with a nice warm up and 2 miles at pace.  Then an old injury decided to flare up, posterior tibial tendonitis. It’s a joy, I can usually run with the pain, but today was different.

At mile 4 I scrapped the tempo and just slowed down, but after mile 5, it was all I could do to keep moving. I did stop & stretch, ugh!

Then came the fun part, the mental game. Do I stop? Do I keep running? How will I get my miles in? Is a big deal not to finish? The smart thing would be to stop.

So at mile 6 I called my husband, only to have him not answer. What do I do? I had no cash, and my parents would take about 30 minutes for rescue. I kept moving, a shuffle really, but I was moving and into the wind as walking was cold.  Then my phone rang, it was my husband, his work is on my running route, he could pick me up.

I made it 7 miles, still 5 miles from home, but I was off my feet.

It’s only till I go through a personal experience, I finally learn. I started running with my phone only because I encountered a lost dog, I had no way of calling the phone number on the dog’s collar. I wear the most hideous colors so drivers notice me. (Thankfully I’ve never been hit by a car) With today’s run, I need to make sure I have some cash and have at least 2 people lined up in case I need a ride.

Always take safety seriously. Make sure you are prepared for your run.

On the injury front, I will be fine; some rest, a bucket of ice, stretching, compression & KT Tape will take care of it.

6 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. Josh to the rescue! Hope you recover quickly.

  2. Glad that you made it home safely! I’m sure it wasn’t a good feeling to be temporarily stranded. I don’t usually run with a phone so I try to create routes that keep me no more than a few miles from home (loops, figure 8s, etc.) so that I can hopefully always hobble home if needed.

  3. Glad you got home. I always carry my phone eve though it can be a pain. I should really carry some cash too. Stupid injury. Hope the rest helps!

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