Bib Rave Pro— that’s me!

Hey – some exciting news in my world. I have been selected to participate as a Bib Rave Pro.

What the heck is that you ask?

I am part of a group that writes review about races. You can check the website out here, or check out one of my reviews. Sometimes it’s tough to choose a race. Price isn’t always the biggest factor, these reviews may steer you in the the right direction.

This is a great opportunity, now I can share my race recaps with more people. The sites will have the same information, the blog will just have more personal information.

As part of this new journey I will be traveling to Duluth, MN to run the Garry Bjorkland half marathon, which is part of Grandma’s Marathon.


6 thoughts on “Bib Rave Pro— that’s me!

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