Stop Signs aren’t for looks

I have ranted about this 65 times before, but as a driver it would be nice if you stopped at the actual stop sign and not in the cross walk. Or maybe look both ways when you are at the stop sign? Or heck blow through the stop sign to stop at the curb, leaving no cross walk?

If I (the pedestrian), in the cross walk, am inches from the bumper of your car, you did not stop at the stop sign, which is at least a foot from the cross walk.

How many times do I have to almost be run over for this message to translate?

How many runners do we have to honor as they suffer the ultimate fate, due to drivers not paying attention? Or those under the influence? #megsmiles

Ok maybe it’s my fault for always looking for drivers at every intersection I cross, and then darting out in hopes that they will stop. I am always prepared they wont stop and am ready to stop or dart in the opposite direction.

Slow down, look both ways, stop at the sign.


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