Ganzo’s Nacho Ordinary 5k

Ganzo’s Nacho Ordinary 5k, benefitting the Autism Society of the Quad Cities

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Saturday May 3rd, 2014. 9 am. Sunny 55 degrees.

It had only been a week since the Blue Ridge Marathon, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run a 5k, even though I had a half marathon on the schedule for the next day.  A friend (Kelly) alerted me to this race, and I knew it would be one to do.

This is Kelly!


I took a different approach when I noticed there was a costume contest. A group of us, Tereasa, Laura, Amber and I decided we should be a mariachi band. When the costumes were complete, we were 3 band members and a pinata party.

I also decided I would pace Tereasa. Laura, carrying a pinata ran with Amber.  I knew Tereasa had been doing intervals on the treadmill at the gym, she also had completed her first 10k the weekend before, so I knew she was ready to push her 5k.

After we attached our colorful bibs and chipped our shoes, we all started together near the back, after a “go” we were off. I had stuffed my phone, which was playing the Mariachi station from Pandora, into the end of my guitar. Laura and Amber, complete with their sombreros took off, T and I stayed on course with an interval plan.

The course had some hills through a residential neighborhood. It was time for our first one minute running interval, and it was the first hill. T made it to the top, a little bothered by the grass allergies, but she was ready to go. I was just happy to get my legs moving again.

We then continued the race with a walk 3 minutes, run 1 minute interval. It was a good plan. T was doing great. We passed some runners on their return trip, and we encouraged them with a”muy bien” or a “vamonos” We could tell they enjoyed our costumes as they smiled on their way to finish.

The course itself wound around many corners, not too many volunteers directing people, we noticed some return runners taking a different path than the lead runners. There was a water stop with paper cups at the half way point. Each mile was marked. There were a few spectators, who enjoyed our costumes. We even discovered one spectator handing out margaritas….. ok ok ok, we knew this spectator, it was Kelly’s parents. So I stopped and enjoyed the delicious concoction. Laura also picked up a bat to complete her pinata costume.


When we topped the last hill we could see the finish line. I discussed with T her strategy, maybe suggesting, running when we got to the bottom of the hill all the way to the finish, she was thinking the same thing. We picked a telephone pole (yes it’s that simple) and turned on the jets…however it was further than estimated, so we walked a few telephone poles fired up the jets again, and crossed the finish line, with a new PR for T! Results

Another fun race done! It was now time for the post race fun. Ganzo’s is also a restaurant that hosts an all day Cinco de Mayo party. So we went under the tent to claim our free nachos and beers or tequila shots.

Awards were given to the overall winners and age group winners. It was then time to announce the costume contest winners….drum roll please….Yes the mariachi party is the proud winner of the contest! We received a $10 gift card to the restaurant.


T’s mom Sandy and my (& Amber’s) mom, Judy were also at the race to cheer us on. We all met up again and sat in the sun and enjoyed the morning.

As I have said, running has taken me many places. It’s always races like this in which you realize how much fun you can have, and how creative you can be. I also discovered it isn’t too hard to run in a sombrero and guitar. However eating & drinking with a mustache is challenging.

This is also the second race I have done which is organized by the stickman group. I continue to be impressed. In addition to our 2 free beers or tequila, nachos and chip timing, we received a tech shirt and shot glass.




2 thoughts on “Ganzo’s Nacho Ordinary 5k

  1. Love it. Simply love it!

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