My first Medal donation!

After completing my last half marathon, the Red Shoe Half. I was given the opportunity to meet a great family.  A family I had been following through the world of social media.

The Burdorf family would be participating in the 5k & kids races. They have used the House as part of their #keepfightingblake journey. After the races were completed, there was a nice presentation about Blake and the Ronald McDonald House.

What does this have to do with me? Well I was going to donate my hard earned medal to Blake, as part of Medals4Mettle. Blake deserves more than a piece of metal, but if I can help encourage this little guy to keep fighting for a healthy life, I am all in.

Once the race festivities were over, I introduced myself to the family and presented Blake with his medal. I was also able to present his 3 siblings with medals too. Blake seemed a little confused, but the smiles on the siblings, parents and my face were priceless.


I am proud to be a part of this organization I am always accepting medals. Per the rules I will accept 13.1 or longer distances. If you would like to donate shorter distances I can use them as well to share with siblings. I also take monetary donations to help support the cost of ribbons and printing flyers.

Also a huge thanks to Laura for all her medals and to the Ronald McDonald house for supporting me.


6 thoughts on “My first Medal donation!

  1. This sounds like a great organization! I have heard of it and seen shirts at races, but didn’t really know what they did. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing more about this organization. What you’re accomplishing is really inspirational!

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