Donut Run 4 miler

Saturday May 17. 9 am. Iowa City, IA, 55-60 degrees.

This was a low key, test run, for a possible race in the future. Registration was an RSVP to an email with no packet pickup. The race was word of mouth and you were to show up at the Scott Blvd Dog Park – Rita’s Ranch, with a $5 bill.

Approximately 15 people assembled at 9:00 amp under a pop up tent. I noticed some familiar faces from my earlier race. We huddled under a pop up tent to hear about the course and the rules.

Rules: At the half way point, 1.9 miles there was a donut table set up. This would be across the street from Daylight Donuts who generously donated the glazed delicacies. At the stop there would be water and donuts, a volunteer would count the donuts you consume and then mark the number with marker on your hand. Each donut you ate would take 2 minutes off your total time, max of 6 donuts. If you were able to eat 6 donuts, you were entered into the drawing for a Dairy Queen gift card.

The race started and we followed the bike trail around the east side of town until we got to the donuts. We (Josh, Laura, Shannon & Dave) all ran together, as we didn’t know what to expect. The course had a few inclines, but nothing too steep. It was all on a paved surface with no major cracks. It was an out & back course, with an extra turn near the half way point, needed to pay attention to the purple chalk arrows on the sidewalk. There were no volunteers on the course except at the donut stop.

Once we got near the stop we could see the participants coming back, instead of a “good job” it was “how many did you eat?”


We hit the stop, I had one goal, 6 donuts, it was the challenge right? Well Dave, Josh & Shannon all stopped after 2 or 3. Laura and I were going for the glory. So they all started back towards the finish. Laura and I managed to get all 6 of the glazed circles down. They really weren’t that big and they were tasty, plus we had already had a 5k under our belts. (Ok fine Josh had run 8 pre-race miles, but apparently no appetite for donuts)  Laura and I grabbed a small water bottle and head back. Our hands were sticky, so we dump some water on them.



Laura notes, with about a mile left that we are bookin it. I see the others up ahead, and while I don’t think we would catch them, we close the gap. We approached the finish “area” and a time is recorded from the starter’s cell phone. We talk with others as we wait for the others to finish. Everyone cheers as each of them cross the finish.

When it comes time to look at the finishing times, it never happened. There weren’t any results, just a fun run. I did keep track on the Garmin and I ran 3.88 miles in 41:32, that includes 5 minutes to eat donuts. Then if you subtract my 12, that is a superb time!

There were only about 6 of us that ate the 6 donuts, and 2 of them were the organizers. I thought the odds were in my favor, but another participant won the DQ card. I joked if I won, I would be heading immediately to get a blizzard.

The race wrapped up with some feedback and suggestions for this race to officially happen. It was also announced that the $5 entry fee would go to a charity that helps kids go to summer camps.

Overall, I had a lot of fun. I love a race where there is a challenge. (I’m thinking about a race where you have to do 123 pushups in 2 mins, then 95 situps in 2 mins) However lets not confuse this with a “color run” I am still not a fan of those, where is the challenge? trying to breathe through the corn starch…ok ok ok that is my opinion.

Have you ever done a non traditional race?

3 thoughts on “Donut Run 4 miler

  1. I haven’t done anything like that. Not sure I could stomach it but I’m guessing for $5, I’d sure give it a whirl 🙂

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