CRFD Memorial 5k

Cedar Rapids Fire Department Memorial 5k. Saturday May 24, 2014. 8:30 am. Sunny 65-70 degrees.

Registration: You could register online through Eventbrite, Cost was only $6 without a t-shirt and $21 with. Chip timing was included. Late registration w/o a shirt was only $10, which you could do minutes before the start of the race.

Packet pick up: There was a pick up the Friday before the race, and others could grab your stuff for you. Held in the commons of the High School. You could also grab your bib the morning before the race. No expo, just pick up & registration.

Pre-Race: Plenty of parking, as the race started/finished at a high school. School was open for use of the bathrooms, otherwise there were no port-o-potties. There were also drinking fountains.

Race / Course: Just before the race started, there was one wheel chair entry that started before the masses. Then a few announcements about the course were made, and we were off after a gun start. The course snaked through school property on all kinds of terrain, pavement, asphalt, trail. There were no course arrows or signs telling you which way to go, just follow the crowd. There were only volunteers or law enforcement officials at the intersections with the main roads. There was a water stop at the half way point, with paper cups. No mile markers. Flat course, an incline here or there, but no major hills. The finish had a banner, clock and the timing mat. Small chute and a volunteer removed the timing chip.

Post Race: There were bottles of water, energy drinks, oranges, apples, granola bars, and bagels with cream cheese inside the school commons. There was a kids race after all 5k participants were in. Awards were given out.

Overall: Great price, but very low key as far as race organization.

Personal: Anymore I really don’t care if the race has 83409834 participants or 5, it’s about the fun with my running friends. Laura, Kelly, Tereasa, & Joel were all able to run this race. We always make sure to have fun.  I didn’t run my fastest 5k, but according to the chip I had a 26, and my Garmin 25:46, so a decent time.

On another note, I did not go to the post race refreshments and food until about an hour after the start, there were only a few granola bars, 5 apples, and a bowl of oranges. The bagels were gone! This wouldn’t be a big deal, but I did see non runners eating bagels before the race. Please it’s only a 5k, lets leave the treats to the runners and only take one. Those who spent the longest time on the course deserve something too.





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