The Machine Challenge 5k

The Machine Challenge 5k. Clarence, IA. Sunday June 1, 2014. 8 am. Sunny 70 degrees, humid!

Background: This is a small town race to benefit a man with ALS. There is a 5k and a challenge. The challenge is held after the race in a park. You could enter the challenge if you were up to attempting 123 pushups in 2 minutes followed by 95 situps in 2 minutes.

Registration: No online registration. Form found on local race calendars to print and then send a check. $20 before race day, $25 on race day. The challenge was $5. Cotton t-shirt included with registration.

Packet Pick up: Held up until 7:45 am in the school commons, no bibs, but picked up your shirt. Could also still register.

Pre-race: Announcement was made to walk a block to the start line. All racers gathered, some kind words were spoken, the race route was described, and then a siren was sounded. The official clock was brought to the start as well, started as the siren sounded.

Course: Flat course through the streets of Clarence, IA. All paved surfaces, cement, chip & seal, and asphalt. Lots of pot holes or cracks. Course was marked with yellow painted arrows on the streets and cones. There were mile markers. One water stop with paper cups near the 2 mile mark. Not many spectators. Finish line with clock and chute. Paper numbers handed out with finishing place.

Post – Race: After all finishers were in for the 5k, a 1 mile race was run. Turned in finishing papers to official results person. Granola bars, bananas, fruit snacks, Gatorade and water available. There were also baked goods available for sale as part of a fundraiser. A juggler was entertaining the crowd. After all races were over and lots of juggling the awards were announced.

Overall: Decent price, flat course, good cause.

Personal: The weather had turned summer so quick that the heat & humidity were a challenge for me. I did not run a great race, but I finished near 27 minutes, I also forgot my watch. We did not participate in the push up / sit up challenge.

I was able to run with friends once again, I really don’t care what race I am involved with, it’s so much fun when friends are there. Josh (2nd place AG) Laura (1st place AG) and Amber (set a PR) ran. I also had some friends in from out of town, spectators, Kate & Laura. Then there was running Laura’s supportive boyfriend Tom. Yes, our group had brought 7 people.  I even provided the spectators with cowbells.


After the race Josh, Kate, non running Laura and I hit up a bar in Clarence, we were told they had breakfast. Well they didn’t have breakfast, but the cook, Lisa would cook us anything on the menu. We had to wait for the grill to warm up, so we were even treated to some free corn nuggets. Small towns are where the party’s at.

Sometimes running isn’t about the physical activity, it’s the fun that happens with your friends.




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