Hospital Hill 5k

UMKC Hospital Hill 5k. Friday June 6, 2014. Kansas City, MO. 7pm. 70 + degrees, humid. Sunny.

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Hospital Hill weekend consists of 3 different races. There is a 5k Friday night, a 10k Saturday morning which is also run with a half marathon Saturday morning. You can choose to do the re-run, the 5k and either the 10k or 13.1.

I traveled to the race with my friend Laura. We both chose to do the re-run option. We had added the 5k to our registration a while after we registered for the half. The contact through email was very friendly and took care of the paper work to get us into the re-run. I can’t remember the price for these, but they were comparable to races of similar distance.

We left Friday to drive the 4 and half hours to Kansas City, we were a little behind schedule. Navigating KC wasn’t too hard, except for the one exit, exit 2…exit 2M, 2L, 2J, roads went every where…so with a slight detour we were at the Sheraton for the packet pick up & expo. They were even validating parking, we never paid a dime to park all weekend. (Other races take note!)

There was a wall with bib numbers posted alphabetically, we wrote down our numbers. The 5k was at 7pm, it was already after 5:30 and we needed to get all our materials for the weekend’s events. We didn’t take time to explore the expo. However the place was packed with vendors.


We had a few minutes to run our race goodies (back pack, booklet, & re-run cotton t-shirts) back to the car. Then we made our way to find the start of the race. Passing a street lined with port-o-potties. Then as luck would have it, we bumped into my twitter friend Crystal, woohoo!!!!

We milled about and approached the starting corrals. Which weren’t corrals at all, but pacers. The pacers were kids. We joined the clump of people between 9 -10 min pace. There were a lot of people lined up. Since we had the half the next day, we weren’t planning to go all out. We then ran into Crystal again. (and an excellent photo bomber in purple)


There were some more race announcements made, and then it was time for a group of men to sing the National Anthem. They were good, but over shadowed by the tones coming from Crystal, she should enter American Idol, girl can sing!

Then the race was off, Laura and I started together, even keeping up with Crystal and her friend Stuart. We then turned the corner and it was time for the first hill, where we all started to separate.

I run hills in my everyday training, and I wasn’t too removed from the Blue Ridge Marathon, my legs were feeling good, but it was hot as the course was on asphalt. I couldn’t keep up with Crystal and her bobbing braided ponytail…and Laura wasn’t used to hills. So I ran my own race.

Each mile was marked, there was a water stop at the half way point and there was even a spectator with a hose. The race was on the streets so the course was wide enough to accommodate everyone.


We snaked around blocks up and down hills, and then came to the finish, which had the finishing clock under an arch marked “finish”.

I hit stop on the Garmin at 27:59, then waited as Laura came shooting across the line. We were handed a great medal to put around our necks.

We proceed through the finishers chute, where we were treated to a huge spread of goods, a wet towel, bottle of water, banana, peanut butter crackers, granola bar, & chocolate milk. There was a tag on the bottom of the bib (which had our names on them) for a BBQ sandwich and a tag for a Michelob Ultra.


Laura and I sat at a table in the beer area, a nice older man sat down at the table with us. This is why I love the running community, so many great people to talk to. We got to know lots of things about this local. He was 71, retired from the Army ROTC and the federal prosecuting office, but still actively practicing law. He told us about his new Nike’s, and his old ones that had over 850 miles on them. He also said he might have bruised his calf muscle, wasn’t sure if he would be able to run the next day.  Then he abruptly got up, awards were being announced and he thought he won in his age group.

It was a nice evening, and there were no gnats, but it was getting late and we needed to find some real food to fuel us for the next day. We headed back to our “motel” and took a shower. There was a Denny’s nearby so we ordered the Belgian waffle grand slam. The waiter said “you’re either pregnant or a marathoner” We inhaled our food, and then called it a night as we waited for the 5 am alarm.

I would definitely run this race again!


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