Kalona Fun Days 5k – 2014

Friday the 13th! (June 2014) 7pm, sunny, 70 degrees

If you are an avid reader of the blog, you may notice I have recapped this race before. The course is the same…but I will continue with my recap for this year.

Registration: I was sent a registration form through the mail, I sent it in early for a $15 fee with a cotton t-shirt, bib & chip timing. You could also register on race day for $20, with no shirt guarantee. No online registration.

Pre-race: Parking available near the start on the street. Real bathrooms in the community center. Registration and pick up prior to the start. 1 mile fun run at 6:40, Which Laura and I ran as a warm up, though we didn’t cross the finish line. We also paced a young boy to the finish, encouraging him to not stop.

Race: A few announcements, no anthem,  then a gun start. Course was through town on paved and asphalt surfaces. One water stop, paper cups, that was organized by someone who lived on the course. Course was well marked and super flat! Chip timed from the gun start. Volunteers only at major intersections, law enforcement officials at Hwy intersections. Some turns had no volunteers, but arrows on the pavement. Each mile was marked with a yard sign.

Post Race: Crossed the finish line and were handed a bottle of water and a banana was available. As people were still finishing AG winners could pick up their medals, not a formal announcement of AG winners. When the race was over, overall winners were given trophies and those were announced. Group photo of all winners. Showers available to those who wanted one.

Personal notes: Ran a great race with Laura. We did start way too fast, around a 7:46 mile, with the heat, I then ran the next 2 miles around 8:04 ish. Laura has been battling IT Band issues and slowed downed, but she hung in there. I was 6 seconds from my PR.

Overall: I will always run the race (if I can) because of the price and ease of the course. Parking is never a problem. Also it’s small enough for me to place in my AG.

Angie 24:48 – 1st place in my AG, beat last years time of 26:11. Laura placed 2nd in AG.




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