#runchathunt 3.0

You can find the details here. Basically it’s a scavenger hunt while on the run, breaks up those long runs.

“Great” local dive bar. I live in a college town, but there are also a lot of “townies” Which in turn means a lot of local dives. Here are 2 within a block of each other. The Foxhead and George’s buffet (you can get a cheeseburger only on the buffet) .


Dogs on the run. The 2 on the right are my dogs.


Gnome – I ran downtown and back, granted a college centered downtown doesn’t have much residential, and the only gnome I spotted was the one near my front door step.


Road Kill – I see a lot of that on my routes, but the one pictured is on the Hospital HIll 5k route, I believe it was removed just before the race.


Pay Phone – I am struggling with this one. However while on a running related trip to Kansas City for Hospital Hill, I saw this entire booth complete with phone in someone’s front yard


Trail / Path – Running on the Clear Creek Trail


Sunrise or Sunset – This was the sun coming up on my way to a marathon. I was technically not running when I saw it, but it counts.


Funny sign – I did not see one of these. I did see a typo, but it wasn’t funny. In Iowa there is a local bug spray made to fight off gnats, it’s called Bug Soother…the type said Bug Sooter… I did not take a photo.

Someone Fishing – This is not an official hunt entry, as I saw this on a run before the time period of this current scavenger hunt, but this was this past spring near Elkader, IA as I ran the Pony Hollow Trail along the Turkey River.


Farm Equipment – I see plenty of farm equipment, however the time I saw it on a run, I didn’t stop to take a photo as I was running a marathon. However here is a picture from a parade last year. A Parade I would have never enjoyed if I hadn’t been in town for a 10k. Not exactly sure what this piece of machinery does, but it was large. There is also the classic John Deere in the background.



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