Running to Relay 10k

Running to Relay 10k, Washington, IA. Thursday July 3, 2014, 6:30 pm. 75 degrees, sunny, humid.

This race was a last minute decision for my husband (Josh) and I. We registered about an hour before the start, at packet pick up.  The 5k & the 10k were the same price, late registrants paid only $25. We luckily got a cotton t-shirt along with our bibs. If we had submitted our forms early we could have saved $5 and had been guaranteed a shirt, was as low as $20 or $15 for cancer survivors. No online registration.

After we had our stuff, we had some time to kill. Washington was also hosting their farmer’s market on their town square. We browsed around and spotted a real toilet. When there was nothing more to do we went back to our car, on the same block as the starting line. Plenty of close parking.


A few announcements were made about the reason for the race and thanking everyone for participating. Some route announcements and then a “go.” No chip timing, just an official clock.

The course was an out and back. Running through the streets of town to the Kewash Trail. The city streets were paved or asphalt, some in need of repair. The Trail started as asphalt, but the tree roots made it a bumpy surface. It then transformed to gravel. There was also a 5k running at the same time as the 10k. There was a water stop at each races turn around point, larger paper cups. The 5k turn around was a hazard to 10k runners, as the 5k didn’t yield. Each mile was marked with a yard sign, but my watch didn’t always match up. There were volunteers, but their placement wasn’t the best. On the way out and across a major highway there was a sheriff, but on the way back, no one was at this intersection. (Maybe there was an emergency) Also 2 runners that were behind me, magically appeared before me with a block to go, they missed a turn off the trail back into town, there were no signs or volunteers telling you where to go.

After crossing the finish line, a medal was given to every participant. The registration table was now the post race food table with granola bars & bananas, there was a cooler with water. The post race awards were held at JP’s, three doors down from the start. It was also shut down just for the runners.

The post race party was happening. Your race bib was your free drink ticket. Awards were given to overall winners, and AG first & second place. There were a couple of door prizes but you had to know answers to “local” questions.


I finished as the 2nd female overall, first in my age group, Josh finished 2nd overall in the race and first in his age group. We both won $10 gift card to Running Wild.


I am on the fence if I would run this again, the price is right, you get a medal and a free beer, and I understand it being a small town, low key event, but the lack of volunteers at important intersections might have be running some place else next year.




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