Moonlight Chase 2014

Saturday July 12, 9pm. Eldridge, Iowa. Rain & Storms – 70 humid.

I have ran this race many times, you can check out my recap from last year here, the race was the same as it’s been in the past. Or on Bibrave.

I was running the race with part of my running crew: Josh, Tereasa & Joel. We had a great parking spot near the start and port-o-potties. We sat in the car and watched the weather radar before the start. We also monitored the race facebook page for updates as the announcements could only be heard if you were standing in the rain near the start. * There were no social media updates, just other runners posting in the comment section, if you have a social media outlet, USE IT!


After a slight delay we were lined up at the starting line. The race director was doing everything to get the race in, even as the lightning in the distance highlighted the sky. The pace signs came out to the start, there was no National Anthem, the gun was pulled from a plastic bag and the race was underway.

There were about 1000 runners who stuck around to run in the rain. Not until about 2-3 miles into the 4 mile race did the rain stop. There were puddles, I stepped in most of them. There were even lots of spectators still hanging out on the course, I think I remember the Top Gun theme blaring from a house, there were also plenty of high fives from people holding a beer in the other hand.

Once after all the runners were in, the rain was back. The finishing chute and all the festivities were shutting down. Everyone was soaking wet, but still had a smile on their face.


I PR’d this course by 20 seconds…well I haven’t checked my official chip time. My gun time as 34:34. My Garmin hates the rain, so I have to watch time.

I like this race, a night race in July to beat the heat, last minute registration. Different swag, small town fun. However if one thing should be learned, use your social media accounts!


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