Ferg 5k 2014

Saturday August 2, 2014. West Branch, IA. 70, cool air, super humid, sunny. 8 am.

This is the second time I will be recapping this race, you can read last year’s review here. The race is basically the same as last year, so I will highlight the differences.

This year with registration participants received a bring back shopping bag in addition to a cotton shirt.

The course had a block added, still had lots of hills and was 3.11 according to my Garmin. There were a few busy intersections with no volunteers. Also some volunteers were on their phones as I ran by.

Post race was similar but the raffle prizes were already drawn by the time the race was over. Some great gift certificates this year.

Personal: I have not been training with a plan and I could tell. I was suckin wind early, someone asked if I was sick, lol. It could have also been because I went out too fast. It was also really humid, and I had ran 2 pre race miles. I did place 2nd in my age group with a 26:08. I thought that it would be tough as the group is the ages of 30-39.

I was also given a $15 RoadID gift certificate. I would like to update my bracelet from the velcro style to the silicone style. I think it would cut down on the sweat stink, lol. However someone asked about the card, they didn’t have an ID, so I passed it on. I can’t believe how many runners hit the pavement, trails, etc with no ID or no phone.  RoadID has not paid me to write this, but stay safe out there!




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