Couch to 5k

I have been presented with a great opportunity. I will be helping out our local running group, Corridor Running with their Couch to 5k program for the upcoming Run for the Schools, Oct 19th in Iowa City.

About 5 years ago when I started this crazy journey, some may call running, I too used the couch to 5k approach. It is a great plan that eases you into running. To this day I try to implement the 5 minute warm up walk before I start my training runs.

If you were always thinking about a 5k, this would be a great place to start. This gets you a race entry, a corridor running membership, and there may be giveaways during the 9 week program.

Here is a little more about this group:

  • No more couch sitting. Your Corridor Running Couch to 5K training starts this Thursday August 21st with your first group run.  Here’s a link to the Couch to 5K plan. 
  • We will meet at Shelter #6 in City Park and will start class at 6pm.  Look for the Corridor Running banner or group of people. We will meet regardless of the weather.  
  • The Thursday workout listed on the plan is what we will do each group run.  If you can get in the first Tuesday workout great, if you can’t don’t worry about missing it this week, you’ll be okay. 
  • If you know other who want to sign up there is still time.  They can sign up on line at  or complete the paper form and bring it to class on Thursday. 
  •  For the group runs we will have water and Gatorade at the end.
  • We realize that at times people might have to miss a class and that’s okay.  The group runs are a place for you to come and get support and your questions answered.  Even your leaders will miss a class from time to time.  We have a great group of support leaders lined up to help you this year.  Some are past couch to 5K participants who have continued to run.  They know what you are going through.  Remember everyone at sometime was a first time runner.
  • If you are on Facebook like our Couch to 5K page, we will communicate information out and it gives you a place to ask questions during the week.  Check us out:!/CorridorRunning.c25k.




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