Jabra Head Phones – Review 1

New head phones, I am always searching for the perfect fit, whether it’s shoes, sports bras or head phones. As a BibRave Pro I was given the opportunity to try out the Jabra Rox wireless head phones. To be honest I kinda feel like Rose Nieland, you know from the Golden Girls, when she was working for a product testing company…ok I just like that show.

Anyway… after a weekend in Madison, I came home to a package in the mail. I was excited to get real mail, so I ripped open the envelope to find my new head phones. Of course it was like Christmas, so I opened the box right away and turned them on.


The hook up to my phone was simple, I just followed the instructions and instantly there was sound coming from my head phones. They hook up to your listening devices via Bluetooth technology. I have an iphone. I couldn’t wait to go for a run to try them in action.

I was however a bit skeptical as I am an over-the-ear head phones person. No ear buds will stay in my ears. True story; our dog (Ace, I think he is sizing up my new ones) ate the ear hook on my current pair, it’s super glued together. These come with a rubber band that goes around each bud with a hook that inserts into the upper part of the ear, so they stay in place.


I should also tell you in addition to my weird ears, I do prefer to run with my ipod shuffle, which does not have Bluetooth capability. The shuffle is just so tiny and less of a pain to carry with me on short runs. For safety reasons I should run with my phone more.


Monday night – it was time!

I laced up my shoes, grabbed my phone and put the buds in my ears. An easy press of the power button and the tunes were booming. I took a 5 minute warm up walk.


Then I pushed start on the Garmin, and was off. I didn’t get far and one ear bud had already fell out. UGH!  I rotated it back to fit correctly into my ear and restarted my watch. I wasn’t going to give up.


I was almost to mile 1, and the same ear bud fell out again, only to have the other one fall out too.  Now the rubber bands that go around the hooks are different sizes. After I stopped to investigate I noticed I had two different sizes, and the one in my left ear was staying better than the other. I think I need to re-try with both the same size hooks.


I restarted once again, they were staying in after the re-adjustment. However I noticed this new problem. Even though these are wireless, there is a wire that links both buds together. It has the power button and up and down buttons. The up and down control the volume as well as skipping to the next or previous song. The wire is not adjustable, so there was this loop of extra wire over my left shoulder, it was like running with a parrot. It was annoying to have this loop bobbing with my stride, I kept trying to readjust it behind my head, but it would go back to being a parrot. Maybe if I store them differently I can get it to do what I want.


I came to my turn around at 1.5 miles and did a slight head turn, I noticed that the right bud wanted to fall out again, so I was done messing with this. Luckily I was running with a Bondi band, I just slipped the head band over my ears, whoa! The sound was amplified.


I was enjoying the music, they sounded great, I even heard all my phone notifications. Note to self, put in airplane mode!

I made it the 1.5 miles back to our house. The head phones even told me that they needed to be charged, there was an icon on my phone that said it too. There was no fall out as I kept my head band over the buds, but the parrot on my shoulder really bothered me.

I arrived at home, took some more awesome selfies! and plugged them in to charge. They come with a USB charger, there is a cover on the one ear bud that opens to reveal the charging port. There is even a magnet in them so they can be put together for storage.


So here I am writing this review. I will give them another shot, I need to find the right hook for my ears. I also need to figure out what to do with the extra wire, maybe twist tie them together? Tuck it under a hat?

At this point I would say they sound good, but just don’t fit me quite right. This is my honest opinion, anyone else struggle with head phones or ear buds?

I just came across these – over the ear and there is a clip to keep the wire from becoming a parrot http://www.jabra.com/Products/Bluetooth/JABRA_SPORT_/Jabra_SPORT_


3 thoughts on “Jabra Head Phones – Review 1

  1. I have the same issue too. I must have freakishly small eat holes or something. I tried everything. The only ones that work for me are yurbuds. I bought the Inspire women’s version ($30) and the smallest standard size they have fit me perfectly and don’t hurt! My husband wears the regular ones and likes them as well. I believe they will even custom size the ear pieces for some of the styles.

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