Runnin’ For Rob 5k

Runnin’ for Rob 5k

Saturday August 23, 2014. 75 degrees, overcast, some fog, 99% humidity. 7 am.

Registration: There was no online registration. Forms could be printed and submitted by mail. $20 for early and $25 for late and on the day of the race. Included with the fee was a cotton t-shirt and racing bib.

I came across this race and since I was already running a 7 mile race later in the day, thought I should volunteer. I sent an email to Bruce, he said he wasn’t going to turn down the help, but I could also run, he would waive the late fee. How could I say no?

Pre-Race: I arrived at 6 am to help with my volunteer duties. I helped with the check in table and handed out t-shirts. All participants received a cotton shirt with the race logo. All the other volunteers were part of the Tiffin area Masonic Lodge; Canopy Lodge. They were out painting blue arrows on the race course, gathering the water, and watermelons. I suppose they didn’t really need many extra volunteers.  The race started near a church, where parking and bathrooms were available.

Race /Course: The race started after a few announcements. No announcement about following blue arrows. No chip timing, so a countdown, and a “GO” started the race. Participants could also do a shorter distance walk. The race was on paved or asphalt streets, with no potholes. For safety sometimes ran on the sidewalk. Lots of hills. Each turn was marked with a blue arrow. Volunteers at the major turns, but not at every intersection. (I think a few easily veered off course) There were no water stops. Maybe 3 spectators or family members. No mile markers. Streets were open to traffic. Finish line had the timing clock.


Post Race: There was watermelon and bottled water, the registration table was transformed to the post race snack table. A guy on a computer tallied results. As most people were finishing, awards to AG and overall winners were handed out. Then there were door prizes, and more door prizes. The race had a lot of sponsors.

Overall: This is a super small race, so organization was a little more relaxed. However it was only $20 and the course was challenging. If you have time on your calendar, it would be a good one to add.

Personal: As I mentioned I thought I would just volunteer for this race, but I couldn’t pass up a deal. I also thought that it would be early enough in the day that I would still be able to “race” it. Whoa, the humidity had other plans, but I tried. The first hill was at the start, and I didn’t want to go out too fast. Also the small field of racers made it hard to race, as it was mainly me racing myself. There was another woman who passed me, and I thought I could catch back up, ugh…but I did my best. The PF wasn’t bad at all either. Garmin time 26:59.

I am kind of embarrassed at the amount of door prizes I received. The race was well supported by lots of area sponsors, so THANK YOU! They kept passing the box to keep drawing out gift cards. Also if you participated and didn’t get anything, I will share. I hope more people run it next year.


SHOUT OUT: I actually met a guy who reads my blog, I thought that was cool! Hey, thanks for reading!


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