Mile 22 Bags Ambassador

Always curious as to what to do with your race bibs? Mile 22 bags can help you out.


Just send your bibs to them and they will fashion a bag with all your bibs, something you can use everyday to remind you of your accomplishments. “Carry your achievements with you”


I can help you save 10% if you use the code ANGIERUNSM4M

Here is how this ambassador program is different. I do not get free bags or product, but my charity Medals 4 Mettle gets $10 of your purchase. Which helps me purchase medal ribbons.

If you have any questions, let me know I will be happy to help. I will also be set up at the Quad Cities Marathon Expo for Medals 4 Mettle, perfect race bib to add to your collection.


7 thoughts on “Mile 22 Bags Ambassador

  1. Now isn’t that cool? I have a friend heading to Quad Cities. I will let her know to stop by and say hello!

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