Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones – Review

Wait, didn’t I already write about this? No, I did however review the Jabra ROX headphones, which took a lot of adjustment for them to fit perfectly in my strange ears. In other news my husband ran with the Jabra ROX during his last marathon, they fit his ears wonderfully.

The great people at Jabra and BibRave sent me a different model to try and review, The Jabra Sport Wireless.

They arrived at my doorstep in a nicely packaged box, even Craig Alexander was thinking about writing a race review.


I opened the box to find lots of goodies, including about 5 different ear bud attachments. Getting the perfect fit was going to happen.


I opened the set up and instruction booklet, it took a minute to get the bluetooth on my iphone synced. The down side as with the other pair is that they only work with bluetooth devices, which means I still can’t use with my shuffle (which I guess is a good thing as I lost the charger). HOWEVER this set has an FM transmitter, so you don’t even need another device to listen to music.

I charged the headphones simply by using the USB port located in the one hear hook. Yes, these have ear hooks, or they go over your ears. I was super excited to try these out.


The next day on my lunch hour walk with the dogs – Kona & Ace – I took the headphones on their maiden voyage. I wanted to make sure I knew how to operate them. The instruction booklet gave simple steps, just push a button on the ear hook for power, one button for FM transmitter, and button for volume control or skipping to the next song.


After the walk I came back to find a different rubber ear bud attachment piece, as that is the only problem I had on the walk, but I wasn’t sure when I left which one would fit best.

It was now time to take them on a run, I had all the buttons down, I had the what I thought to be the correct ear bud on the ear hooks. It was time for 3 miles.


The verdict: the head phones stayed in my ears the entire time, the only problem is the ear hook is bulky, and apparently behind my ears is not that bulky, so I would feel them slipping, but I would just tuck them tighter behind my ear.  I also am still not sure if I have the right fitting ear bud attachment, there are too many to choose from.  I forgot to mention there is also a clip to keep the wires together, but I found the wires between the ear hooks weren’t as long as the ROX.

Did I mention the FM transmitter, it’s still my favorite part, seriously you don’t need anything additional attached to your body to listen to the radio. You just hope your favorite radio station is playing something you want to hear.

Oh I might be forgetting the most important thing, they sound great too!

If you are in the market for a pair of wireless headphones, check out this link for where to buy them.

Still curious? Check out Heather’s review

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