Medals 4 Mettle – Quad City Marathon Expo

I was given the opportunity to join the Quad Cities Marathon Expo as part of Medals for Mettle. The expo took place at the iWireless Center in Moline, IL, Saturday September 27, 2014, the day before the race.


The Quad Cities Marathon has many races, a marathon, half marathon, 5k, marathon relay and kids races.

Medals for Mettle accepts earned race medals, 13.1 or greater distance, for donation to hospitals and patients that are running a race for their life. It’s the hope the spirit of earning the medal will be passed along.


Most people don’t travel to an expo with all of their race medals. I was taking part at the expo just to get the word out, that this is available, and you don’t have to store your medals in a shoe box.

However I did get a huge donation from a guy who saw on facebook that I would be at the expo, THANK YOU!!!!

The expo was also very accommodating. Once I got things figured out,I had power, breakfast & lunch were provided, and free wi-fi. (I had to watch my Hawkeyes)

From 9 am to 6pm, I answered questions, passed out flyers, candy and bracelets. This was a great experience for me. A lot of runners do not know this exists.

I would also like to think my friends Tereasa for stopping by and manning my booth so I could use the little girls room, and Kelly for coming with her Hawkeye cheer. Also a huge thanks to Medals for Mettle volunteer Scott, not only did I finally get to meet him, he provided me with an awesome banner and the bracelets that were a hit with the kids.


Oh lets not forget Bart Yasso was there too, always one of the kindest people to meet in real life. He is a great asset to the running community.


I also had information about mile 22 bags, an organization that turns your race bibs into bags. You can save 10% by using the code ANGIERUNSM4M and I in turn receive $10 for Medals 4 Mettle (which goes to purchasing medal ribbons)

I hope to also be a part of the Run for the Schools expo on October 18th. I might also have my head bands for sale. Maybe I will see you there.


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