Steve Goff 5k 2014


I have ran this race many times, here is my review from last year.


So instead of write the same thing, I guess I will highlight any differences and how the race went for me.

  • There were about 40 runners this year, compared to about 10 in the previous years
  • Buffalo Wild Wings coupons were awarded after the race, randomly

Josh, Joel and Laura also ran the race this year.


I had no expectations, as you may know I have been battling PF, so I really haven’t been logging any crazy mileage. I am also not really training for any long distance races. I think all four of us were going to just run our best.

Running on a cross country course is no joke, the uneven grass surface is a challenge, plus there were some hills.

Overall I finished with a time around 27 minutes. I did not win. The race us organized through the University of Iowa Rec Services so awards are given to the first male/female in the intramural division and an open division. I did win $5 off a $25 purchase at BWW.




4 thoughts on “Steve Goff 5k 2014

  1. BWW. I’d do about anything to win some of those!

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