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What is a Flip Belt?

It is a stretchy belt to be worn at your waist or hips to carry your personal belongings. Perfect for running, sporting events, or travel.  It is made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend fabric. No zippers, velcro or buttons. It is tubular with 4 openings, and there is a plastic clip.  Simply insert the items you want to carry with you through the openings, then flip the opening side towards your body to keep them secure.

I will be wearing this for running.

My first experience:

I went to place my order through the website at Flipbelt.com. I hit the buy now tab and was taken to a page with 10 color choices. WOW, do I get a fun and crazy color or stick with the “goes with everything” black. I clicked on the jet black belt and was taken to the order page, but what size do I pick?

I was not sure where to wear the belt.  When I wear my fuel belt I always place it around my natural waist, same with my race number belt. I wear a belt on my natural waist as there is a 12″ difference between my hips and waist, everything on my hips rides up to my waist. Even the website encourages you to pick a size based on where you naturally wear a belt.

However I was going to be adventurous and order a size based on wearing it around my hips. It was a little difficult for me to choose a size. I had lots of suggestions through twitter from other runners who currently run with a belt. However I did not receive any information from flip belt on twitter.

I chose a size and placed my order. BAM email received that my order was placed. BAM minutes later my order was shipped. BAM days later my Flip Belt was at my door step. Looking through my emails, I placed the order Oct 21, I received it Oct 24.


I didn’t have an opportunity to go for a run with it until 2 days later. I did have a 5k the next day, but I stick to the “nothing new on race day” rule.  So I was ready to try it out.

I picked out the spandex shorts I usually wear for running, as I wanted to try it out with what I race in.  I placed the belt around my hips and stuffed my phone inside.  I was only running 5 miles, and wear a Road ID bracelet, and wear my wireless Jabra Sport headphones, so I didn’t have anything else I needed to put in the belt.

I was paying attention to 2 key factors on this run; will it ride up? Will my phone bounce?

A 5 minute warmup walk and I was off and running.  Then it happened…I checked my Garmin, .13 miles and the belt was already at my natural waist. I re-adjusted, making sure it was in place across my hips, on my butt, and continued on the run.

As I trekked through town, I noticed it creeping up, I kept tugging it down into place. There was no movement or bounce due to my phone, it just didn’t want to stay around my hips.

Then I stopped my Garmin at mile 1.34, it was completely around my natural waist. I wasn’t going to deal with this. It is soft so there was no chaffing issues, I just didn’t want to have to tug at it. So I took it off, put my phone in the side pocket on my shorts and finished my 5 mile run, carrying the belt home.

IMG_6986 IMG_6987

My fear came true, If you follow my running adventures you know I run with a sparkle skirt. I keep the skirt pinned into place as it too will ride up, to my natural waist. I wasn’t going to pin the belt. Dang hips! Maybe I am just picking the wrong size? Then it will be too big?

However, I wasn’t discouraged. I read that there was an easy exchange policy. I contacted Flip Belt via email, and within a few hours I had a return shipping label. I put the belt in the mail, they received it after a couple days and I was issued a code to reorder another size, no hassle. The company seems to be quick with email communication versus twitter.

I placed another order for a smaller size to wear the belt around my waist. My new order shipped Oct 30 and my new belt was at my house on Nov 3.


I slipped it on, and was ready for another test run. The only thing about sizing around my natural waist is that it’s a little tight to get over my hips. Once I had it on, I added my phone, flipped and was out the door.


I was just out to run, no scheduled miles, but I ended up running 4.17 miles. I never knew the belt was there, I have an iPhone5S, never knew it was in the belt, no bounce. I wish it came with bottles and holders for a race bib. I should have went with my first instinct and purchased the size for my natural waist.  However the exchange policy was super easy.

The only down side about wearing it at my waist, is the sweat in the back, on a hot day I would protect my phone in a waterproof covering. Also wearing it at my waist it isn’t as accessible. I am happy with this, and can’t wait to run to Dunkin Donuts and fill it with some munchkins.

Nov 14, 14 Update: It’s cold out there, it’s hard to get in and out of the belt with gloves.

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5 thoughts on “Flip Belt

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  4. Thank you for this review! I was searching all over for someone who wears belts at their natural waist. I’m decently new to running and have already discovered wearing a belt on my hips is impossible!
    You’ve helped confirm my instinct to go with the smaller size!

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