Governor’s 2014

The Governor’s Cross Country Race was held November 2, 2014 at 1pm in the Scott County Park, near Eldridge, IA. It was cloudy and maybe 45-50 degrees.

This was my fourth year participating in this event. Catch my review from last year, here. This race is always so much fun. Since I have already recapped the logistics, nothing is new…I will proceed with my personal racing highlights.

I still had to register when I arrived, and it was only $17, without a shirt. You could still purchase a shirt, but I do not need another shirt.


Laura and I were down for the 4+ mile course. Laura even duct taped her shoes as to not lose them in a creek.

We were off, avoiding hedge balls and walnuts as we snaked through the parking / shelter area. Both races started together, but they split quickly.  I was ready to go as I hadn’t run all week.

We came to the first creek crossing, where a rope was set up to swing across. Laura jumped right across, and I picked another spot and jumped across, no time to wait on the ropes.  We then hustled through some heavy brush, then hit a marked park trail, where we passed a woman on a horse, who was all confused.

We both kept an eye out for the prizes that didn’t belong in the woods and the ribbons.  It is not easy, while trying not to twist an ankle or stumble across a tree root.

The red flags took us up and down hills, through some pine trees, and then down into some ravines, skipping through creeks like a 5 year old.  The hardest part about the creek crossings was the mud slicks on the other side. However lots of camaraderie, people helping others. This is a race for fun, even though there are awards at the finish.

By the time we had passed the 2nd water stop, and the volunteer said only about 1.5 more miles, I was toast. All the steep ups and downs had taken a toll. Oh well, we kept at it, even grabbed a prize ribbon. There seemed to be a lot of them on the course this year. We even passed a guy who snagged a speed bag, good for a gift certificate if he brought it to the finish.

The finish was in sight, we crossed at 1:24, with the Garmin mapping 6.25 miles. You just never know where the race organizers will take the course. Laura had some scrapes due to some thorns, she might have crossed a creek and got off course and into the brambles.


We took our smiling faces to redeem our prizes. Laura cashed in on a tech tee and I took a chance with the lotto ticket and Snickers.  I also grabbed a beer. The food was once again available for purchase as a fundraiser. We sat to listed to the awards, I did not win on my lotto ticket.

This year in addition to the youngest, fastest, muddiest awards, the prizes that didn’t belong were the before mentioned speed bag, a 10 lb dumbbell, a kids bike and the $150 grand prize was an exercise ball.


It was another fun afternoon of running, we quickly changed out of our wet clothes and proceeded home.


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