Veteran’s Day 5k

Veteran’s Day 5k – Charities Challenge

Sunday, November 9, 2014, Lake Como, St. Paul, MN. Cloudy, 35-40 degrees, slightly windy.

Registration: Available online through for around $30, or you could send in a registration form. There were also tables to sign up on race day. Website advertised chip timing and shirts with registration. No timing chips were used on race day.

*I have ran a lot of races, most I have signed up online, many through This is the first I received about 230984 emails. There were reminders, count downs, important information. It was nice to be super informed about the race, but if a race has an updated website, I find it to be a better system.

Pre-Race: Small race, no expo. Plenty of parking near pavilion at the start. Check in at the tables, get bib number. Could grab some coupons, or travel size deodorant, and then the long sleeved cotton race shirt. Real bathrooms available inside the nearby pavilion. Also playing “patriotic / Americana” music.


The RD was wearing a head set microphone, the speaker was near the finish line. We listened to the National Anthem near the finish line, then walked to the start.

Race/Course: Once to the start, announcements were made, but couldn’t hear them as we were no longer near the speaker, this also meant we never heard anyone say “go.”  Everyone started moving forward, so hit start on the Garmin and took off.

The course was flat, 2 loops around Lake Como. Paved surface, no potholes or uneven surfaces. There were mile markers and a water stop at the half way point. Some cheers from spectators that were stationed by finish line.

Finish chute was off into the grass, marked with flags, a clock and the RD cheering everyone on while snapping pictures with a camera.

Post Race: Bananas, apples, cookies, hot water and drink packets (hot chocolate & apple cider.) RD was “buying” beer for Veteran’s.

Overall: Nicely organized race, flat easy course. Not a must do, but if you are in the area I would add it to your schedule. Also always nice to support the Veteran’s


Personal: I was in Minnesota for the Iowa football game, we wont talk about that.  When I travel I always look for a nearby race. Laura joined me on the trip and we stayed with Kate.  Of course Laura was down for racing, but Kate who hates to run, surprised us and signed up as well; she also recruited Anna.

After some pre-race strategy of who wants to run with who, Laura and I took off, all pre-race strategy out the window, and back to old racing habits. We stuck together, passed many people and found our groove. Kate and Anna ran together.

I had a great race, I couldn’t stick with speedy Laura, so I told her to make sure to pass the next female ahead of us, as I was keep tabs on who was ahead. I hate 4th place, and one of us needed to beat the next female. I was thinking maybe these Hawkeyes could win something in Minnesota.

Well, Laura crossed the finish about 30 seconds before me, and I crossed at 26:46, then the female we both passed, finished.  Turns out, Laura placed 4th, and I 5th in our AG. 8th & 9th female overall, out of 89 women.  UGH…oh well…what we really wanted to know was how Kate and Anna were doing.

Laura and I stood by the finish cheering everyone on (as the RD danced nearby) then we saw them, woohoo! They both finished with a smile, and Kate told us she ran the whole thing. AWESOME!!!

We didn’t stick around for the awards, instead hit up Cecil’s for some post run grub.



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